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Right around this time last year, we talked about MWC 2018. However, this year we had the opportunity to witness the conference 4YFN (4 Years For Now), one of the most important platforms in the world at providing inversions at the newest and innovative technological start-ups.

The conference, with over 21.000 assistants of more than 36 different nationalities, joined 760 companies, of which 600 were start-ups. The figures keep growing more positive since the beginning 6 years ago. The ascending progress permits us to say that this has been the most international edition of the 4YFN yet.

And so much as the start-ups had the pleasure to showcase themselves as visionaries, the entrepreneurs, investors, institutions, and large companies had the opportunity to share and exchange ideas.

This exponential growth is a sample of the expansion of the Catalan technological panorama. This conference has become a world reference and a platform of visibility for new ideas, fostering a constant and open innovational shift in technology.

Concurrently, this evolution has paralleled the evolution of the ecosystem of emerging companies in Barcelona. The capital Comtal is third in European ranking at the hour to choose where to invest and positioning oneself in the technological capital. It’s growth and companies like this that make one of Europe’s oldest cities a technological hub.

The question is, who determines the future of the workers and of the sector? After MWC and the 4YFN 2019, we have painted a picture of potential progress that could insist on the creation of new areas of work in digital tech.

Jordi Arrufí, Manager of the Digital Talent of the MWCapital, affirms that the numeral of works in the technological sector in Barcelona will grow in exponential form, around 40% a year. On this continuum, only 7,6% has grown in terms of numbers of professionals of this sector in the market.

The survey of the MWCapital sustained platforms like LinkedIn, Stack Overflow, Infojobs and other pages of research of work, which creates talk of the urgency to coat these new professions of the future.

Barcelona has a tall demand of web designers, APP developers, User Experience, User Interface, Digital Marketing Consultancy Companies, Specialists at Methodology Agile, professionals of the Ciberseguretat or Ad Cloud (online programming), among many other technological professions.

After all, digital talent is necessary for any ongoing challenge. There is a lot of demand for these profiles and costs to find them. That is why the binomial 4YFN-MWC functions excellently at the hour of visibility of the novelties of the sector and its necessities.