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Space for business events in the center of Barcelona

The secret venue for the companies of today

Space for business event in the center of Barcelona

People always seem to be in a hurry and work with impossible rhythms. The baSEment has been created to stop the time. We believe in ideas fermented slow and steady, among a group, in a cosy atmosphere, that brings out the best in us. Only then, today’s companies will be led to tomorrow’s ideas.

Design your space

The personalised service of the baSEment team guarantees to create the optimal environment that your company requires

Find your privacy of today

Silence dissipates distractions and attracts creativity, one of the most important strengths of the companies best prepared for the challenges of the future.

Attention to detail

Our experience in interior design guarantees a welcoming environment that reflects the care expected of a day that will be remembered.

Mission Foods

Networking over low heat

On the occasion of Alimentaria, the brand of Mexican products celebrated its Mission Foods Export Summit event, an exquisite cooking show, together with a select group of guests.


A collection with a message

As experts in product presentations, The baSEment received the launch of the firm’s new collection aimed at the unconventional woman. And we did it with the help of Gemma Mengual.

Biz Camp

Gathering talented women

This networking event for freelancers and businesswomen celebrated two events at The baSEment, with the aim of creating synergies and collaborations that would be fully productive, taking advantage of the privacy of the space.

Talent Summint Night

Making their appearance

The present is important, but the future is key. That is why The baSEment brought talented students and emerging professionals of the technological world together with great enthusiasm, in a fruitful networking session.

The Feast of Science

Reading between the lines, with Pere Estupinyà

Pere Estupinyà (Tortosa, 1974), scientific communicator, writer and speaker, chose The baSEment to present his latest book The brain thief. Eat cherries with your eyes closed (Debate, 2016).

Foodies Experience

Vegan recipes for everyone, by Toni Rodriguez

When David Boix chose The baSEment to present his conferences to professionals and students of the gastronomical world, we knew that it would be an experience no one should miss.

Foodies Experience

Wine o’clock, with Josep Pelegrín

The luxury of having professionals like the distinguished sommelier Josep Pelegrín share their experience at The baSEment, is surely wine in a million.

Foodies Experience

A face to face with Christian Escribà

Master pâtissier Christian Escribà talked about his first steps in pastry making and shared his values with pastry art students, giving advice on how to expand one’s personal brand.

Foodies Experience

Explosive cocktails with Javier Muelas

Cocktail master Javier de las Muelas shared his baby steps in the profession with hospitality and catering students, as well as his business idea and what branding strategies he follows.

Ladies, Wine & Design

By creative women, for creative women. Wine not?

Three inspiring conferences. Three professionals from the music industry. One motto: ‘Design, Music & Life Coach’. Life experiences, achievements, jokes, laughs … and wine, lots of wine.

FuckUp Nights

Fucked things up? Noone cares!

Entrepreneurship + Black Humour = FuckUp Nights. To succeed, you must fail (and learn from it). Professionals from different sectors shared their biggest failures during these conferences, proving just that.

Primavera Sound’s exclusive concerts

Music in your ears

Ever been to a concert and felt like the performance was exclusively for you? We have. At The baSEment. The warmth and intimacy of the space were the high note to a music event that everybody was talking about.

Watercolour your limits

The art of solidarity

In her workshop, Monica Planas taught us how she learnt to break barriers by channelling her flow of emotions through watercolour in her latest solidarity project.

Skin Is The New Canvas by Ladies, Wine & Design

By Ladies, Wine & Design

The baSEment offered its photography studio to the LGBTIQ+ community, to illustrate personal experiences of the members of the community, through art and body painting.

Apollon by Jorge Egea

For mental health

Jorge Egea, a sculptor specialised in the modelling of the human figure, presented his work “Apollon”, in collaboration with the Mental Health Federation of Catalonia (SMC).


A clandestine meeting below the streets of Barcelona

The great Japanese clothing brand did not want to miss the opportunity to have a totally private and incredibly cosy training.


What do they say about us?

Elegimos The baSEment para nuestro evento corporativo anual, y fue un acierto: el espacio es genial para presentaciones y para crear un ambiente distendido e informal con los clientes. La atención recibida fue perfecta, repetiremos seguro.



Júlia Turbany

Relationship Manager

LinkedIn Talent Solutions

We had a fantastic day at the Basement! The look and feel of the space and the service made us feel naturally relaxed and in a good mindset to work.


Renaissance Hotels

Julie Van De Kerckhove
General Manager

Me encantó el espacio, era idóneo para nuestro evento: acogedor, tranquilo y versátil. Además la atención recibida fue excelente de principio a fin, repetiremos seguro


Jorge Gosálbez
Director de Peculiar
Organizador evento Spotify

“An inspiring space for creators to feel connected, be limitless, and unleash their potential to the full”

Jenni Turner
Manager Visual Excellence
Training & Communications Adidas

The baSEment

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C/ Girona 8, 08010 Barcelona


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