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Presenting six books that will help you in professional life and, specifically, in building business relationships


1. “Superconnector“, Scott Gerber and Ryan Paugh

According to the authors, Gerber and Paugh, being a “card collector”, while it might be a good strategy in some objetives, is not enough to establish a commercial relationship, especially when there are many more resources available. To become what Gerber and Paugh call the ” super connecting expert ” we must leave behind traditional media and open the door to multichannel and the construction of a network both offline and online. The key lies in the efficiency to establish business relationships through various social channels

2. “Never eat alone“, Keith Ferrazzi and Tahl Raz

In the same vein as the first book, ” Never eat alone ” delves into the creation of relationships within the digital world. It is a very pragmatic book as they give the necessary tactics to help the reader improve their network.

3. ”The Lean Startup Method”, Eric Ries

The current market is totally dominated by startups, they impose their method of work and ideology expanding into other sectors. Unlike the first two, this book serves as a guide for anyone who wants to open a startup and succeed.

4. ”Give and take”, Adam Grant

Interpersonal skills are very important in the business world and above all to be a good leader and get your team to have the same focus as you towards the objectives set. In this book, Adam Grant explains how communication is the key to success.

5. ”Change to Change the World”, Héctor Trinidad

Trinidad explains the techniques to reach the self-awareness and therefore to achieve success in both the professional and personal life. Written from the author’s own experience and includes techniques to plan a strategic roadmap to help achieve the proposed challenges.

6. ”Keys to connect with your customers: Make your clients fall in love with you through the blog and social media”, Laura Arruti and Vilma Núñez

Besides being knowledgeable about personal and impersonal communication, it is also essential for a professional to know human and emotional marketing. In an entertaining way, this book sets an effective content strategy so that your brand has a stronger presence and you can build customer loyalty.