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The baSEment has a complete photography set in Barcelona for fashion sessions, castings or shootings, as well as photography sessions for high quality products.

“A picture is worth a thousand words,” says the well-known and even cliche saying. But in the visual times that we live this phrase fulfills its objective. The image is a powerful messenger, a creative way of expressing oneself and currently used by the press, brands, influencers and professionals to communicate their values to their audiences. Photography provides a space to think, imagine, surprise and its quality must correspond to its mission.

Our Set Space is a diaphanous room of 82m2, heated, with continuous floor, vaulted ceilings of exposed work and wrought iron pillars of the early twentieth century. Whether for a session of fashion photography, advertising photography, artistic photography or product photography.

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The comfort of the Set Space is composed of the dressing room area, adapted with illuminated mirrors for make-up sessions, sits for the preparation of models and rest of the participants.

But not only Set Space is conducive to a photo shoot. The diversity of textures, colors and materials introduced in the area, in addition to the versatility of the equipment, allows capturing photographs with different environments, being ideal for interviews, audiovisual works or even to host photography exhibitions in a warm, exclusive and versatile environment.

These are examples of the use of space, with the collaboration of Dilo Barcelona:

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The lighting system of the set consists mainly of a Bowens Gemini 1000 Pro flash, three Bowens Gemini 750 Pro flashes, two Bowens Gemini 500 R flashes, various light windows, optical spots, umbrellas and standard parabolas, also backgrounds, rails and a complete equipment detailed more ahead in the technical sheet.

The opportunities are endless when renting the photography set, to the point of integrating to your corporate event an exclusive photo shoot for your guests, making filming, advertising spots or any audiovisual project.

These days, in Barcelona there is more than ever talk of photography, between the months of April and May it hosts one of the most important photography exhibitions, the World Press Photo. Until May 27 at the CCIB it is possible to see the winning photos of the photojournalism contest and the winning works of the digital narrative contest.

Under the hashtag #verparaentender the visitors have the possibility to see unpublished works of stories without manipulation, giving the opportunity to be interpreted from different points of view of each one of us, fulfilling the main objective of photography: freedom of expression, impulse for imagination and encourage conversation and exchange of ideas.

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1 Bowens Gemini 1000 Pro flash
3 Bowens Gemini 750 Pro Flashes
2 Bowens Gemini 500 R Flashes
1 LUMIAIR Rectangular Softbox100×140 cm
1 LUMIAIR Linear Softbox 40×140 cm
1 LUMIAIR Rectangular Softbox 60×80 cm
2 spotlights
2 standard parabolic lights for umbrella
2 bounced/white translucent metallized umbrellas
1 parabolic blacklight
1 small foot
2 multi-disc light reflectors 5 in 1
2 stands for multi-disc reflectors
6 standard feet
1 pulsar card and antenna
Pulsar TX transmitter
Remote control
Camera tripod and head


3 standard cardboard backgrounds in Arctic White, Smokey Grey and Leaf colours
Portable stand for giant background
Giant cardboard background
Paper Grip


TRUSS system
Bowens Hi-Glide rail system
Hi-Glide Rails
6 long pantographs

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