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Sabotage Project – Skin is The New Canvas

Last Saturday, May 25, we celebrated a collaborative event at The baSEment Barcelona with the creative and creative platform Ladies, Wine & Design to develop his latest project: Skin Is The New Canvas.

Skin and body are translated into fundamental narrative languages ​​for the collaborative project roles. A session of body painting as part of a plan to make visible and vindicate unrecognizable realities within society through art. For this, we have used the power of the body as a canvas at the service of the affirmation of the normativity, the reference and the definition of the existence of diverse realities, self-defined alternatives and optional paths so that they can build and link the links with others.

In this case, the basis of the LGTBIQ + community, to exemplify through art and painting the different situations related to experiences. We invite you to rethink the idealistic idea of ​​beauty and understand the different social realities with the project of Sabotage – Skin is the new canvas.

We provide the necessary environment and space they give us the idea, the inspiration.

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