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The world of events organization revolves in different ways, either by the entertainment, public relations or marketing. This ritual has been present throughout history and has evolved with the times. Despite the technological advances and multiple forms to realize an event, the common end of this one is based on the experience and the emotional bonding that can be granted to the assistants, the main motor.

With the constancy of terms such as Corporate Communication or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the profile of the events has taken new guidelines. Today it is considered an effective tool to establish interpersonal relationships face to face.

A strong way to communicate 

The events are at the order of companies, brands and services, and there are endless formats to meet different strategic targets. An event can be so powerful that it can influence such important areas as reputation, visibility and connection with the target audience. It does not take a huge injection of resources, just creativity, a message of quality and the application of the values ​​of the organization.

Levis event

But the nuances have expanded in terms of the need to celebrate some type of event. The importance of regularly showing the essence of the brand to its customers has also awakened the intention of better communication within companies. That is why today events can be directed to both external and internal audiences.

Events and strategy: Friends or rivals?

Around the internal communication, the focus of the events is to involve their collaborators with the DNA of the company, so that all are aligned with the objectives and values. The most recurrent internal events correspond to training sessions, team building activities that strengthen the work environment , annual meetings to demonstrate the evolution of the business and the well-known anniversary or end of the year parties.

When carrying out events with a communication aimed at external audiences, whether potential or loyal customers, suppliers or authorities; the meetings, seminars or conferences are the protagonists. The presentations of products or new services have a special place within the companies, since it is the instance where the media and the public puts their eyes with total attention. This is a double-edged sword and it is precisely where the planning and the correct use of the strategy will help to celebrate an event in a satisfactory way, as a communication action that improves the image of the company and that complies with the agreed objectives and not transforming into a chaos or an eventual crisis.

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