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Andrea García, architect by profession, arrived in Barcelona in 2007 from Venezuela with the idea of ​​expanding her knowledge. After two Master’s degrees in retail design and work spaces, next various -professional failures-, as she tells in her blog, in 2010 she took her own course to be considered -consulting coworking spaces-. After participating in The BaSEment with FuckUp Nights!, in this brief interview we talked with her about her latest challenge: The Bizcamp Share.

It’s Thursday at the baSEment. It is nine o’clock in the morning, everything is ready and ready to receive in the Set Space entrepreneurs who want to improve their image through videomarketing. The event has a name: The Bizcamp Share. Andrea, its founder, greets one of her assistants wishing them a very profitable morning. But behind this meeting there is a personal and professional story.

-How was Bizcamp Share born?

-The face-to-face relationship between entrepreneurs is very important. There are currently very few events that are worthwhile where people go to do business and at the same time they will learn. So in BizCamp Share, what I want is always to deliver quality, practical and useful content, as well as networking dynamics, where people can connect and do business. More than inspirational, it is an event where you can take everything to practice, to action.

-Is there an evolution between the first Bizcamp and this second edition?

-The first edition of Bizcamp Share was based on a general format. We talked about the business bases: how to connect, design of services, management of branding, how to communicate and how to grow in community. At the end of the day we gave a space for networking among the attendees. It was basically aimed at any company that wanted to be updated. This second Bizcamp was carried out in a more vertical, more specific way. It was clearly aimed at people who wanted to use videomarketing to boost their business. The dynamics of this edition was much more proactive and orderly, thanks to the feedback we received in the first edition, we learned a lot.

-What were your influences to create the event and how do you contact the speakers of each edition?

-My career as an entrepreneur for a long time has helped me to build the format. For this edition I started with a brainstorming to think that I need to create a video: in the mindset I’m in charge of it. Then for image I thought of Silvia Foz. In editing I contacted José Antonio Moreno because he has worked with my clients and I have a very good reference to him.

Andrea García The baSEment

-What is the next step? Is there an established plan or are you guided with the results of this second The Bizcamp Share?

-The third edition of Bizcamp will be in-How did you get to The baSEment and what stand out from the event?, since we consider having two events per year. The idea is to receive the comments and appreciations of the attendees to find the perfect theme. This event is done to create connections between entrepreneurs and help to grow their business.

-How did you get to The baSEment and what stand out from the event?

-I knew The BaSEment because in 2017 I organized the –FuckUp Nights– and i loved it. The event venue is central, it is very well designed and has everything. They also help you from the beginning with the organization of the event. The space of The baSEment has me very happy, it’s a very different corner from what one is normally used in Barcelona. I recommend it totally. At the level of corporate events, it is one of the best spaces you can find in the city.