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Councils to limit the NO sustainable activities at our events

At The baSEment Barcelona are conscious of the negative effects of the human being at the Earth. It is month, this month of July, have known that Barcelona will be the initial capital of the ‘’March for the climate”, a march promoted by the youngsters to demand political ambition against the climatic change and democratize the energy.

Bet for a responsible consumption is one must at our cause to take care the environment. Our proposal? Limit the harmful activities at our events.

But… how?

1. Use of containers compostables, recycled and recyclable

Our containers are compostables, recycled and recyclable. We aid at maintaining a sustainable reduction of the systematic abuse of plastics and prioritize at the maximum the proximity to obtain our products, ingredients and caterings. With the gaze posed at the shelvings of the supermarkets ask us: it is possible to buy without plastic?

2. Products of season and services of sustainable meals

Ceases cost the supermarkets and the big factories and, attends at venues of next and traditional trade. At them, buys fruits of season and of local production, food according to the epoch of the year. And especially, like us join you at the movement ‘’Zero Waste” and do not exit of your house without your bag of reusable clothes. It improves products no packed, frescoes and traditional. Everything what have an alternative at the plastic is welcome.

3. Use of the tech vs. The paper, and if it is like this, use ecological materials

The supports of communication have to be reusable or will not be. This passes for a conscious election of communicative supports that communicates for the company and at the events. Prioritize the technological use, mediating tablets, computers, mobiles, websites and apps to reduce continuum the possible the supports on paper is one of our aims. And, if still like this, our customers want to use graphic supports, at The baSEment Barcelona use special and ecological papers for his easy recycling and reuse.

4. Electrical consumption reduced

Have an installation with light bulbs of low consumption or LEDs is one of the big changes to revert the environmental impact that carries out The baSEment Barcelona