13 Dec Gamification: play to motivate and optimize work teams

One of the first things that we learn is to play. But over the years and the demands of modern life, we forget as adults the entertainment moments. In a business environment, where there are various unattractive tasks, the act of playing can be essential in situations for solving problems. Gamification is a term that was born in this new century and has adapted to its own needs. This Anglo-Saxon term consists in applying play dynamics and game techniques that help solve particular situations in a more practical way.

Gamification has been linked to facilitate the learning of children and young people, but this is not only the arch in which they live, it can also be a great ally in the training of workers. In business environments, playing has been related to enhancing motivation, concentration, employee loyalty and solving problems on a personal and group level.

Gamification needs processes

It is important to recognize the viability of the game, define the objectives of each dynamic, and previously detect if there is motivation on the part of the group to perform the game. Once these clear criteria are met, they must be implemented with teaching contents and finally evaluate if the game was up to the objectives.

Playing is learned

Implementing the game during the training process helps motivate and further boost a sense of learning through practice.

Classic mechanical uses

The use of points, badges, rewards, levels to obtain or challenges, are lifelong game techniques, which can be included to give value to each dynamic.

Playing with the team

The cohesion of a group or team is essential to obtain friendly and consistent results. The work environment, if not well worked, can bring many headaches.

Playing gives incentives

A healthy spirit of competence is generated, it is urged to achieve a status and achieve goals.

It’s a good time to direct engagement

Before, during and after the dynamics it is possible to obtain a feedback through dialogue, in order to know other perspectives of the workers. We also establish achievable goals that achieve satisfaction on the part of the player. The narrative must also be persuasive, so that it creates the ideal environment for the game to be carried out successfully.

Gives Double recognition

The collaborator gets recognition from the group and its superiors.

GamificationIn the different spaces of the baSEment Barcelona we adapt to make this powerful tool, aimed at areas or work teams that need an injection of motivation and solve problems in an agile and fun way.