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23 Mar Team Building to form Groups of High Performance

Making team activities or Team Building does not always originate solely from an internal motivation for growth and group enrichment to get more benefits in a company. Unfortunately, due to the social economic crisis that surrounds us, this kind of activities have also been carried out for reasons that are more likely to unite a working group towards which the environment is beeing more and more demanding. The search for the excellence, the constant development of its competence as a team and ultimately, increase the productivity and achievement to be a Group of High Performance.

This is the case of Yamaha Motor Europe in Spain. During the last 5 years, the branch has undergone a very deep restructuring process which called for the need to look for formulas of reinvention, adaptation to new realities and optimization of the human resources by which they are formed.

Quim Vergés, Legal Counsel & Human Resources of the brand in Spain, conducted in the baSEment 5 Team Building sessions with the different departments of the Japanese company. The intention was clear: to work and to analize the different teams within the company and transform them into Groups of High Perfomance.

How did the decision to organize this type of activities came up?
The idea initially came up about six months ago between the General Management and me. We thought about the idea of conducting a climate study within the company, since Yamaha in the last 5 years has undergone a major restructuring process in Spain and Europe. It has affected us quite importantly. This moments demand to be very attentive to the perceptions of the companies human capital. Rethink the companies vision and look for solutions to maintain the level of daily excellence.

It should not have been easy.
No. Since this situation had not been measured, we took advantage of it because we wanted to change. When we detected certain needs, we launched the climate study project and it obviously came out what we more or less already knew: we had many deficiencies and many areas to improve. Within this areas of improvement one of the proposed actions was to work with in teams with trainings of High Performance.

Team Yamaha España in the baSEment

Team Yamaha España in the baSEment

Why outside the company environment?
I looked for a venue to make these workshops or team buildings that were very different from the classic trainings. We used to be a multinational of many people going to hotels with very large and not so personal rooms. My idea was to work with each department on a small number of people and above all to get them out of their day to day life. Get them out of their usual life, be able to go out to eat at a restaurant a little different and especially look for a space like the baSEment. A surprising place, different, singular and very interesting for the formula we were looking for.

How did the workers react to the change?
At the beginning there have been different reactions. There are people who live outside the city and are looking for something closer to their homes. But we took the risk knowing that this venue is super-centric and there are many facilities to get here. Once inside the venue, their response has been very positive because we have surprised them. They feel good, very welcome, comfortable. This leads them to speak calmly and to have a pleasant day and most importantly to make the most of the day. 

What kind of activities have been carried out?

We were basically working on how a high-performance team should work. We started by analyzing how they see what a team should be, we gave them some guidelines and then they did exercises on their own to review their self-knowledge and work expectations and improvement areas to evaluate internal and interdepartmental mistakes with their relationship with others. We work with the consultancy KORN FERRY and between Anna Segarra, the responsable consultant of the project, me or the Head of Department are the figures who carry out the process of analyzing how they are working. The last part was a “vis a vis” in which all of them are given constructive feedback.

Here we have gathered a lot of information that I have to manage and work to give it a second phase. Every department that has worked in this team building workshop has also come out with a commitment for themselves and they have to be followed up and see how they work.

Team Building in the baSEment

Team Building in the baSEment

Has the impact between them been measured?
All this process has been done in collaboration with the consultancy KORN FERRY. We will work with the results and measure the impact. The data have to be analyzed. Seeing the views of each department requires in-depth study. And yes, I have already conclusions and much information that I did not know before. In addition, internally it was very necessary to do it and the feedback that the workers gave me was great. It is worth doing and we are quite happy.

How was the experience with the baSEment?
We are very happy. I came to see the space for the first time during an event with Jägermeister and it was clear to me that it was a unique space. We are a varied, multidisciplinary, young and very dynamic team. The space is transformed according to the needs and we have been able to take advantage of all the kitchen area, the living room, the large table and also the pleasant terrace. Everything fits. It has been fantastic.