13 Mar Talent Summit Night Barcelona

Networking in its purest form

Talent Summit Europe is a leading community in creating experiences among talented young professionals or students and company professionals within innovation. The key to the creation of this type of event is to build a network of young professionals carefully selected for their extraordinary talent, with the intention of creating synergy and collaborations between them.

Cities like Berlin, Paris and London have been chosen by Talent Summit so Startups in full development present their projects to students willing to give their best. And Barcelona could not be less! The baSEment was chosen to host the first edition of the city’s Talent Summit.

Companies like Cooltra, B-Wom o Antai Venture Builder explained to all the guests their experiences in the sector: how they were started, how they managed to pass the financing rounds, how their revenues are working and how they were developing as they went on evolving their needs and goals.

After making their presentations, both startups and students were able to exchange ideas and experiences with each other while enjoying a small cocktail. It was time to networking among the companies that demanded interns and jobs in the innovación field. The intention was clear: to be able to project their profile among expanding companies.

Timo Buetefisch, Cooltra CEO

Timo Buetefisch, Cooltra CEO

Timo Buetefish, CEO of Cooltra, and Marta Ros, B-Wom’s Head of Product were two of the most requested speakers. Marta gave us her feedback on the event:

How was your experience with the students? Do you see positive to perform this type of events for your company?
It was a good experience, the truth is that it is the first time that I go to an event of this type. I like to see that students are not only interested in large corporations, but also take into account the world start-up and do not care so much about the size of the stars-up itself; but the project. It is very positive to do these events, not only because it gives us access to students, but because students give them a close-up of what is happening in the ecosystem.

Did you get many profiles? How were the young doing?

I talked to several young people who were interested in the project, it was very interesting to share our project with them and see their point of view. It is difficult to assess the profile with a short conversation, but at first sight the ideas we exchanged were very interesting, so I will keep in touch with them. In fact next week I will meet with one of them to see if it is finally encouraged to be with us in the summer.

Timo Buetefish, CEO de Cooltra

Networking con Timo Buetefisch, Cooltra CEO

Lea Gottwald, member of the organizing committee for Talent Night in Barcelona, very grateful because of the great response of public she commented us after finalizing the Summit:

How has it been? How did you feel during the event?
The first time I entered the place and saw the space, its design, the atmosphere and its structure, made me think ‘this is the ideal place where I want to organize the Summit’. The set-up of the room was ideal: the podium to give the papers, the wooden benches for the attendees, the projector … made everyone have a good feeling and felt very comfortable at all time. Well, it has been a success!

How did the guests feel during the event?
At first they were quite surprised by the entrance because they did not expect what came later. Once they down the stairs, they saw that it was special place and that made them feel very special too. Some guests of honor in an incredible venue for an important event for them. They have done a lot of networking because they have also felt very comfortable in space. So, perfect! I have collected very good impressions.

Networking en Talent Night Barcelona

Networking at Talent Night Summit Barcelona