11 Jun Sónar +D: technological democratization

The future exploration

The latest news from the most avant-garde Barcelona congress: technology, music, and innovation of Sónar + D

This week is all about the electronic music festival in Barcelona – The Sónar and its parallel event Sónar +DFully involved in the convergence between the new technologiesnew media artcreativity and society. This year edition is dedicated to topic covering from space exploration and the IoT to the future of musicaudiovisuals, and artificial intelligence.

The event programme includes extensive conferences, workshops, mentoring sessions, meetups presented by prestigious companies and agencies such as MIT Media LabGoogle Magenta or NASA together with outstanding personalities within the leading technology, design and music industry.

Let’s contextualize:

In the 18th century, the art was democratized. A consequence of the socio-cultural conjunctures of the moment. Above all, because of the appearance of a new social class: the bourgeoisie. This has asked to have full access to knowledge of the cultural environment pre-established at that time.

This last week, Sónar +D reviews the latest technological milestones. Raising the binomial between innovation and creative communities and suggesting one more step: technological democratization, a totally revolutionary concept. As it was in its time: the democratization of art and the subsequent access of the public sphere to artistic-cultural knowledge. Nowadays, we can not consider a life without Internet or new technologies: indispensable tools that help us have immediate access to global knowledge.

Sónar + D 2018, dedicated to creative technologies is full of conferences and workshops that will outline the different future realities within a hyperconnected world.

On the occasion of the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Sónar 2018 Festival, we want to highlight our event venue, versatile and groundbreaking. Like Sónar + D, we have a space and a suitable environment for meetings, conferences, and workshops. But also, for the enjoyment of intimate concerts, with a sound quality of the most superiors. And there is more. Fully equipped room with a high-quality sound system, DJ table, micros and all the necessary elements to teleport musically to the public.

Fashion and temporary conventions change in a fast-paced way taking the society with it. The ideas, languages, and tools of the new creative communities are having a transcendent impact on the industry. We get inspired entirely from Sónar + D that takes us to a unique experience based on the futuristic reflection of new technologies.