Showcooking en Barcelona

30 Mar A showcooking of lust

Showcooking in Barcelona

Performing a showcooking a Barcelona with the quality that currently exists in our country, was a pleasure that we could not deny. When David Boix of Purple Blue Comunicación and organizer of Foodies Experiences presented us his informative talks to professionals and students of gastronomy we knew that would be an experience of which we had to be part.

The first speaker at Foodies Experiences was none other than Toni Rodriguez, founder of Lujuria Vegana and author of Las más exquisitas hamburguesas veganas, Delicias Veganas and Cupcakes Veganos. It was a delight to know that we would have him among us. The Catalan, a professional with an awareness of entrepreneurship living in first person, was more than open to participate in these types of presentations. Since as said the same Boix in an interview with Radio 4 of RTVE: “Our intention is to break this barrier between great professionals and students.

Before the question about why he chose the baSEment in front of other spaces clarified: “We want to create an experience and in the baSEment we could find this coherence since the space is very versatile: we had the space where to make the presentation and another to make the showcooking . This is great since it is nothing like a classroom. We want the students to leave their school and neither do they think we are going to a recreation site. The baSEment is much more professional, much more elegant and its arrangement helps everyone to be very attentive.

You can find the interview audio here (catalan):


The guests were not only able to enjoy the presentation of Toni Rodriguez. Following the philosophy of Foodies Experiences, Rodriguez explained how hard it is to be freelance in Spain, how to open the way among so many difficulties and hours of work or how he went from IT to being a pastry cook.

A very fun Toni Rodriguez wanted to dedicate a few words after tasting the wines of the Celler AVGVUSTVS FORVM and making some networking among the attendees..

How about your first Foodies Experiences?
It’s been super fun. Spectacular for everyone. It was a wonderful afternoon among the attendees. What seems a little hard for me is that I have to leave this wonderful place and I can not stay to sleep in it!

Taking advantage that we have you with us, I will ask you a singular question, like us. If you had to think of a dish that defined the baSEment, what would you create?
Candied piquillo carpaccio. With a bittersweet chardonnay vinaigrette from Torclvm, with shisho which is a kind of peppermint, chives and a good coke bread with tomato and premium oil..

Delicious! Why?
I see the huge table, and I only think of sitting in it with the dim light thanks to these impressive lamps. I feel it is a pleasant and powerful place. It is a very warm plate like the venue. Although I also find myself eating a hamburger on the couch! This place is wonderful and if I could, I would stay to live forever.

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Photos courtesy of Carlos Jovacho