30 Jun #MusicFuckUp: THE event for entrepreneurs who know how to laugh at failure

Last week we had fun, we got inspired and all that full of music. At The baSEment we enjoyed a new edition of the FuckUp Nights entrepreneurs event. It is a meeting where professionals from a specific field, explain to the audience their great professional failures. An event with a brutal concept behind it, imported from Mexico where it is assumed that to succeed you must fail first and learn from those failures. In this case, the theme of the night was the music industry.


As an appetizer we had an acoustic concert by the singer Adeline. She played several of her songs and other versions, that excited us and left us wanting more.

Then Andrea Garcia, organizer of the event, made a brief introduction to the tasting menu of the evening. She defined the event with a sentence that we loved: ‘It’s a mix between a TEDx talk and a Comedy Club’. She nailed it.



As a starter, we begin with the story of Dive Dibosso. He explained a bit about his career as a musician, first in ‘7 notas 7 colores’, a Spanish group, and later as a music producer, creating his own record label with his partner. It was precisely in this process when he found many problems, especially with the venue.

Tip: ‘Take a good look at your venue investment and above all … look closely at the neighbors’.



The next dish was the experience of Esther Cid, psychologist and singer. She told us about her investment (hers and people around her) in a super interesting idea she had: a platform that would allow to connect musicians with other local musicians from different territories. She explained how she failed in the process and talked about the importance of a good presentation letter.

Tip: ‘You can not stay with the desire, you have to try’.



For dessert, we had Luca di Prima. From prodigy child making music, to a business student. He told us about a project he did with his partner, in which they invested time and money: a platform that would establish a process of disruption in the decision of the concerts that would take place in a city. He explained to us all the problems they had to deal with and everything he would not repeat today.

Tip: ‘When you are immersed in a project, don’t close yourself. Get out of the cave and ask for feedback from the first minute. ‘


After dessert come the drinks. We were able to chat with the speakers and attendees of the event, in a comfortable and warm space  accompanied by some fantastic craft beers. At The BaSEment we did not finish the night with #failure flavour, we ended up with Maestró and Cookona cookielicious flavour.



Photography and Video production by MJC Studio