23 Jun ‘Ladies, Wine & Design’, Creative Women’s Meetings & Events

‘Ladies, wine & Design’, the organization of events thought by women to women, which seeks not only to foster networking, but also to creativity. The concept initially thought by Jessica Walsh and imported to Barcelona, ​​bets on the encounter between professional women with the aim of promoting creativity and feminine talent.


On this occasion the central theme of the creative meeting was the music: ‘Design, Music & Life Coach’. We had the opportunity to listen to 3 creative women related to music industry: their experiences, achievements, anecdotes, laughs… and of course, all accompanied by the best quality wine.




After the presentation, organizers Stefania Talento and Dot Lung invited attendees to close their eyes and let themselves be taken to a distant place. Conducted by the composition and performance piano of Marta Cascales, the audience could be transported through 3 pieces of music, to different corners of the planet.

piano- martacascales-musica

Inspired by her travels and experiences, Marta managed to fill each of her compositions with emotion and was able to transmit them through out her musical and visual interpretation. Bravissima!


The second speaker was Ariane Paras, ex booker of the Razzmatazz who told us about her experience in the music industry.

From assistant to booker in London, she decided to take her bags and start from zero in Barcelona. After an intense job searching, she finally found an opportunity: again being assistant, but in Razzmatazz. Her intuition told her to accept. She didn’t fail. That led her to a 9-year career as a booker there.


Ariane explained several anecdotes of her career, being a woman on music industry. Are you the Dj’s girlfriend? This is one of several micromachisms and conventions with which she has had to Dealing with; although she assures us that we have some responsibility in the matter. ‘They are not afraid of protagonism. We should come out and give us the importance we have gained from our hard work.

Three years ago she changed her course of life again. Now, she is a Life Coach. And you know what? It’s easy to believe that, she gave us a lesson on how to live by following the vision of each one with perseverance, security and inviting us o leave our comfort zone.


The latest speaker was Vj Ayl. Hayley began by explaining her broad and varied career: from her work in an optic center, to an English teacher, through graphic designer to VJ. Both her professional and personal experiences played a key role in bringing her to explore new artistic territories.


When Hayley worked as a guide, she began to make projections in the rooms of the hotels that she was visiting. ‘Boredom is the most creative thing you can do’, she explained us. ‘The hotels are really depressing, so I experimented on the walls of my room’.

Another great highlight point on her career was when she realized how bored she felt on music festivals, despite of loving the music. Then she began to consider how he could change that and start to investigate. She began to move around, visiting places like Espai Niu or Apolo, where she found out what the role of VJ was. The VJ is the person in charge of synchronizing the visual projections with the music (Dj) in real time.

Hayley experimented as a VJ on her house until Apolo gave her a chance. She’s still there and also collaborates for cultural events, theater … For VJ Ayl, working is as fun as a game. Her objective? Put some color distinction in any of her projects, certainly a reflection of her personality.



Creativity, music, good vibes at ‘The baSEment’ space with Monólogo Vino and a tasty menu made by Sinzy Zaltman, cooker from Trybe, the homemade food app at home. We couldn’t ask for a better plan, ladies.

That’s all folks!