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09 May Javier de las Muelas in the baSEment

To this day, Javier de las Muelas, /, is one of the most mediatic cocktail master thanks to his long experience. Businessman and trendsetter, he is considered one of the most prominent master chefs in the world. With a multitude venues spread all over the world, he collaborates with media, works as a consultant in major brands and teaches master classes with his team Dry Martini The Academy.

But it was not always like this.

And so he let us know in the presentation organized thanks to Foodies Experiences: “I was a humble boy who at 6 was selling comics. Now I feed on the wisdom of the elders and the freshness of the young. That’s the best cocktail.”.

After several advices to the students who were there, we were able to understand why every business that he undertakes, success accompanies him: “The gastronomy is based on sharing. Surround yourself with a good environment. The light, the essence of the environment, the warmth of all the elements. As for example in the baSEment. Do you notice? I’m super comfortable. And that is also the gastronomy. The Look & Feel of your brand makes people stay and share stories.

We succumbed to the idea that Javier de las Muelas devised a cocktail for our space. The answer was according to his imagination.
Why does a cocktail have to be drinkable? I would like to make a cocktail of solid elements that could not be drunk. I would mix wood, iron, plastic. I would like to put in a shaker all these ingredients and extract the flavor of each material that you are savoring. This space is a great cocktail of noble ingredients. Why talk about something drinkable if this is something much better?

Is it in line with the experience this afternoon?
The first impression I had it from the street. I could not see the name. But when I entered, it was like a great discovery: I saw the grand grand piano, the mannequins – for which I have passion -, go down the stairs as if it were something clandestine …. It shows that here are done fun, passionate, attractive things.


We finished the presentation with a cocktail show. Moon Walk, Lost in Translation, Jewel of the Sea were some of the cocktails prepared for the occasion. All a delight that we could enjoy the more than 60 attendees in our space.

For us it was also a great discovery to be able to meet Javier de las Muelas. Undoubtedly, one of the most special guests we could have in the baSEment.

Pics by Carlos Jovacho