Eventos corporativos en Barcelona

24 Nov Why choose Barcelona for your next corporate events?

The richness in its tourism activities, the Mediterranean climate, the tasty gastronomic offer and the integration of sustainability in the city, have made Barcelona like popular destination for a lot of companies in Europe and the rest of the world as a destination for their corporate events.

The universal exhibitions, the urban renewals and the Olympic Games, have been given to Barcelona their own stamp, being recognized throughout the world as the second capital city of Spain.

But … Why is it a business tourism destination that continues to evolve? In the next lines we will approach to the answer in the baSEment style.

Because it aspires to be a model city

During the twentieth century, the capital of Catalonia was transformed urbanistically to see it as an example worldwide, through Modernism and the Eixample, a neighborhood in which the crisis lives.

Because Barcelona is a sustainable and accessible city

The Catalan capital is committed to responsible tourism and sustainability. It is the first city in the world with Biosphere certification. The recycling is reflected in all the residual points, the use of the bicycle is promoted and the application of intelligent technologies promoting the use of clean technologies is highlighted.

It is also accessible to multiple service for people with reduced mobility in public spaces, private and tourist attractions. This is an important point for companies when choosing a business destination, in which all their employees have the same condition in their mobility. Barcelona Access delivers all the points enabled and friendly in accessibility.

Photo: http://mobileworldcapital.com/

Because you can enjoy it walking

The urban layout of the downtown is perfect to discover on foot, because the distances between neighborhoods are minimal. If you stay in a hotel in the Eixample district, you can visit the Ramblas, the Born, Raval and Gothic districts without need for transportation.

Its pedestrian areas invite you to know the history and extraordinary architecture, a moment in a typical square and enjoy a glass of vermut and some tapas. The weather will accompany you to contemplate the beauty of Barcelona.

If you need to move to other neighborhoods, the city has a full metro network and buses designed for an easy and fluid transportation experience. This is ideal in times of conventions or international meetings, where time is scarce and needs to move constantly.

Because Barcelona is like wine

Over the years it has gained characteristics like another European city: its buildings honor Gaudí and Modernism, it is the epicenter of football thanks to FC Barcelona (and Messi), ​​as well as being the world capital of mobile telephony, where every year they meet the big companies at the Mobile World Congress.

Its residents from all over the world give a cosmopolitan air to its neighborhoods and streets. During the summer you can enjoy its beaches in the heart of the city and in the autumn and winter months, it is a perfect place to contemplate the Mediterranean Sea.

All these reasons give Barcelona an invaluable value for the epicenter of corporate events, as it is a city with countless fairs, congresses, conventions, business meetings and networking meetings. This is complemented in an incredible way with the cultural offer, through its museums, exhibitions and shows throughout the year.

Do you want more reasons? At the baSEment Barcelona we receive companies from all over the world, in a warm, modern and adaptable space to the needs of each client. Team building activities, an afterwork event or a product release. The possibilities are endless for your corporate events.