25 Aug 7 Ice breakers for your guests

Involvement at the organization of an event is as important as the involvement during the event itself. The question you must ask yourself is – How can I make the experience of my guests satisfactory and remembered?

After many events here at The baSEment Barcelona, we can give you a great tip: make your guests know each other. Create connections, good conversations, new anecdotes … and you will see how your guests will be much more open during the event and probably with a great smile.


Ways to break the ice between your guests:


1. Question Ball

Take a beach ball “The Ice Breaker”, and write down several questions on it. Throw the ball to the audience and explain them that when catching the ball, their index finger will determine the question they’ll have to answer. After reading the question aloud and answering it, this person will have to re-throw the ball to the next person and so on.


2. Two Truths and a Lie

Divide people into small groups and ask them to take turns telling three things about themselves – two true ones and one false. The rest of the group should guess which is false by asking additional questions related to the statements.


3. Guess my job

Let the participants write on a piece of paper the weirdest job they ever had (or a job which is really far from what they’re doing now). They have to put it in a bowl. Read then to the audience what each participant wrote and they’ll have to guess who had that job. It will be a good way to break the ice and tell something original about each person.


4. Find the X

Give the attendees one label with the name of another person. He / she will have to find that other person, interview her/him and introduce her/him afterwards to the whole group. It’s fun and compels attendees to get close to new people.

5. My name is

Ask each person to tell his or her name and say a quick adjective that begins with the same letter as his / her name, eg Daniel Dynamite, Fiona Fast, Thomas Tired … You can refer to them with the adjective for the rest of the night, make laugh the others with it and the shame will disappear.


6. Toilet paper

Divide attendees into small groups. Give one roll of toilet paper to each group, and tell them to find a good use for it. Give 7 minutes for each group to decide on the best way to use the toilet paper. They’ll need to reach consensus, think and look for alternatives. After that, the leader of each group will present the solution to the other groups. Once all have finished, you’ll explain that all were great answers, because they found a solution that works for them. 


7. Inventing Identities

Make your guests introduce the person sitting or standing next to them (without knowing them). They have to invent whatever they want about this person and once the presentation is finished, that person will tell how much they approached to reality. Attendees will remember the craziest estimations that will become a great way to break the ice.