30 May 5 effective ways to increase participation in your business activities


How to conduct business activities so that workers have fun, learn and make connections between them? Working in a group is not an easy task for everyone, for that there are dynamic activities that seek to develop the link between the participants for a common benefit.

These workers, thanks to this kind of events, learn and retain better the information they assimilate in an enjoyable way. Making this possible is very simple. Here you have some useful tips and practices to increase participation in your corporate events:

1. Pecha Kucha
Pecha kucha is a presentation format – a project, idea or professional profile – of 20 seconds duration in which 20 images will be presented by slides. By demanding speed when making the explanations, the challenge becomes enjoyable among the participants.

2. Fishbowl
A Fishbowl-type activity allows you to create an orderly debate in a large group of people. Its arrangement – two people dialoguing around a group that can join the dialogue by turns – facilitates communication, respect and understanding among participants.

espacio para actividades fishbowl barcelona

3. Ask without fear!
Participants will know each other not by their professional profiles, but by their cultural and social interests. Each one of them must carry a sticker with their name, their own interest and the phrase “I would like to know of …” or “Tell me about …”. The workers will be able to get to know each other better in a personal way, and they will be able to create links based on interests with which they will feel comfortable speaking.

4. Changing chairs
During the coffee break or catering, participants must change seats each time. This can happen between the first, second course and dessert, or even when the organizer says a keyword. This will potentiate the connection between them by making different conversations over the space of time in which they will be relaxed eating.

5. Body Voting
This is one of the easiest and most effective activities today. Participants should only be divided by topics, for example by range of experience in their work or by neighborhoods in their city. They should be positioned in different parts of the space where the event is held. The simple fact that they move between them and get involved in a group with one element in common, will facilitate communication and understanding among the participants.

espacio para realizar evetnos dinámicos barcelona

Having a space where you can perform this type of dynamic activities is essentiale. Being able to divide the groups so that they interact with each other, separate activities by zones and have a rest area to relax are one of the most important facts for the event to be effective.

Nec, Inditex, Teva, Levis, Yamaha, Aguas Danone … have already been in our space carrying out business activities to strengthen the relationship between its workers. Contact with us, we are looking forward to being part of the growth of your company.