25 Jul 10 event themes to get the WOW!

An event’s theme is something very important that will allow you to surprise your attendees and get that WOW effect which every organizer seeks in each of his or her projects.


Think of a powerful main theme that is related or relevant to the guests. The first step is to imagine your event’s storytelling. That story where the attendees are comfortable and feel like real protagonists. Your mission? Ride the movie!

Seen like this, it doesn’t sound bad, does it?

We give you 10 ideas to inspire you in your upcoming events:


1. Peggy Sue’s Dinner.

Let’s rescue a Jukebox and return to the 50’s for a day!

2. Minimal elegance.

Less is more. With a very few details you will create a chic and unforgettable ambient.


3. Farmers Day.

Straw, wood, checkered tablecloths, meat and Bill Monroe’s greatest hits.

4. Tropical.

We can’t think of a better theme for the summer … Let’s enjoy tropicalism!

5. Black & White.

No doubt: black and white was the best of the 90’s, bring it back!

6. Boho Beach Club.

Get the spirit of Ibiza to your event with bohemian and Mediterranean details.

7. Premier in L.A.

If you organize an event inspired on a Film Premier, you’ll get a glam-fun environment.

8. Mexican Party.

Mexican festivities are always a success: the decoration is so cool and colorful that people will enjoy taking pictures with it and posting them on their social medial profiles.

9. Berliner Biergarten.

A great theme for summer/autumn! The only thing that matters is to be outdoors and never ending fresh beer. Prost!


10. Fresh Ocean.

The marine theme is always a must. Choose white and blue colors combined with some red details. Ahoy!